Knitter Babes June ’20

June 2020 Knitter Babes' patter package is inspired by Florence and Renaissance era.

The main pattern is Simonetta sweater, a beautiful puff sleeved sweater that had vintage vibes in it but it's also very modern. The other designs match the sweater and follow the same style: Angela clutch, Amelia beret and Elisabetta hairnet.

Each pattern has a written instruction and videos to guide you through the essential parts of the pattern.

After finishing these patterns you will know how to:
āœ… Cast on
āœ… Cast off
āœ… Knit stockinette stitch
āœ… Knit 2 together
āœ… Slip, slip, knit
āœ… Work in round
āœ… Crochet an icord
āœ… Double crochet
āœ… Chain stitch
āœ… Slip stitch
āœ… Weave in the ends
āœ… Wet block
āœ… Sew side seams
āœ… Sew shoulder seams

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