Hey there knitter! I'm so happy you found your way to my blog! I'm Heidi, a Finnish woman living in Florence, Italy. I love cappuccino, Italy, art history and cats.

I also love knitting, and I've done it ever since I can remember. I was taught to knit by my dear grandmother Eila, and I remember spending countless of evenings on her couch knitting with her. She was very precise (in a loving way) on quality, and I learned from her to do things as well as I can.

I love feminine vintage style, which is also something I learned from my grandmother. Watching her old picture albums taught me a lot about historical styles and I created a special eye for them.

I've graduated as a fashion designer and I've studied and art history, sociology and social psychology in the University of Helsinki. I'm also a professional photographer.

In my designs I combine Nordic style with vintage vibes and modern femininity. I want women to feel beautiful, stylish and luxurious when they knit and wear my designs.

Sustainable values are also present in my work in a very profound way. I only knit from yarns that carry the same kind of values I represent.

I believe in ecological and ethical values, and I appreciate hand made designs. I'm against fast fashion and I love the slow movement, which was born here in Italy, by the way. I also share my ideas and inspiration about these things in my blog.

Knitting is slow fashion at it's best, and I believe that by choosing the right kind of yarns we can really make councous choices without compromising style.

On the contrary: by knitting you can create beautiful eco luxury products that stand out and will make you feel luxurious! This is what I offer you with this blog: inspiration and ideas for eco luxury.

I only knit from yarns that stand for my values. I have presented yarns that I recommend here. You can find the patterns for my designs in my shop. All patterns are both in English and Finnish.