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You Have Found Your Tribe, Knitter Babe!

Knitting is the new sexy! It’s relaxing, it’s fun, it’s good for your brain. And it’s good for our dear beloved Mother Earth!

You and I both know that, right?


But let’s say it out loud: knitting still has that not-so-cool grandmother vibe in it. And most patterns are not very sexy. They’re not inspirational, they’re not something you’d like to wear or gift to anyone. They can be boring and ugly. 


There it is. The elephant in the room.


But I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about.

If you’re anything like me, you know what it’s like to spend hours and hours in the internet trying to find something beautiful, feminine and sexy to knit. 


And you know the feeling of frustration when nothing comes up. 

You’re stuck to knitting the same items, like socks, all over again and it’s taking away a huge piece of the enjoyment from knitting. You’re dying to find something actually nice to knit! 


I want to bring you the joy to the knitting again and show you that instead of being boring and old-fashion, knitting actually is sexy and a luxury!


If you get what I’m talking about, welcome home knitter babe. You have found your tribe. So keep on reading, because I have something wonderful for you!

Why Is Knitting a Luxury and What Is Luxury Anyway?

Knitting really is an amazing hobby! It’s slow fashion at it’s best. And slow fashion is the new luxury! 


Little did I know when I was a kid, knitting with my nonna while the other kids were playing outside, that one day knitting would be cool. I also did not know, that vintage style, to which I fell in love with spending time watching my nonna’s photo albums would be in fashion once again. Back then it was really disrespected and old fashioned. 


Today in the modern world knitting can really be counted as a luxury. It’s time consuming and it takes skills. Time is the new luxury. It’s something not everybody can afford to have in this hectic modern world! 


Knitting is also very ethical fashion. As a contrast to fast fashion that is within the reach of everybody nowadays, by knitting you will certainly know who did your clothing (you) and how much effort did it take (a lot). And nobody will live in slavery or be underpaid because of what you wear.  As a smart and conscious woman, you can also choose an ecological yarn to underline the ethical values of your hobby. And that is luxurious!


And what’s the best part: since you found your way here, you don’t have to compromise on your style anymore, even though you knit your clothes and accessories by yourself!


So when I talk about luxury, I don’t talk about overly expensive things only few of us can afford. I see luxury a bit differently, a lot more broadly. 


Luxury usually means something not is not available to everyone. In my opinion all of us can build a luxurious life. Luxury is a feeling. You can have luxury and live luxurious life also without being a millionaire. It’s more of an attitude and a mindset towards what you represent and hold in value than being able to buy all the expensive things you want. In fact, it’s buying less, but better quality and really honouring the things you choose to buy. It’s intelligence and it’s living from your heart. It’s within everybody’s reach, but not nearly everybody acknowledges that.

But I Know That You Are Different. You Are Smart.
And I Know That You Know That…

Knitting Is the New Sexy!

Just think for a while. Wouldn't it be wonderful to...

  • Have a piece of luxury every month and start to experience it every day in you life? 
  • Have something amazing to knit every month and be able to create beautiful designs for yourself and your beloved?
  • Have really good and clear instructions to help you create that beautiful design for yourself? 
  • Have the beautiful knit designs delivered to you easily and effortlessly every month? No more endless hours of searching, just download or print the pattern, order the yarn or pick a one you already have and start knitting
  • Feel already extremely excited to wait for the upcoming month and it’s pattern?
  • As a bonus get some surprise KALs (Knit along) very now and then?

On top of that, wouldn’t it be even more wonderful to:

  • Have even more inspiration to luxurious life in the same package? Things that will truly nurture your beautiful soul and your body.?
  •  Learn some new knitting skills and tips?
  • Get not only written instructions but also video instructions to help you nail the patterns
  • All of this having an eco friendly vibe in the same time?

I hear you, sister, and I got you covered!



Knitter Babes


You Can Have It All, Every Month!

  • Inspiration and tips to eco luxury life that feels good inside out
  • Beautiful knit design patterns with clear how to intructions so that you can create amazing knit design pieces all by yourself
  • With every pattern you get how-to tutorials on the techniques you need on each pattern
  • Surprise contents every now and then, like KALs and extra patterns
  •  All of this easily and effortlessly on your reach with just a couple of clicks away

Knitter Babes

As a Member, All of This Is Yours, Every Month:

A VIP room! You’ll get access to an exclusive members only area, where you can find all membership materials and you’ll have access to them with all of your devices.

Knitting patterns! Inspirational and beautiful knitting patterns and instructions to all of my new designs and some special members only designs, new ones every month, with yarn recommendations.  You’ll never run out of knitting projects again!

A love letter from me to you!Every month I will inform you about our new materials and send you a letter to your inbox to give you inspiration and to gently remind you from the new contents I have to offer you.

Knitting tutorials! All patterns have not only written instructions, but also tutorial videos to help you succeed and learn new things effortlessly.

Who Is Heidi?

Hey there Knitter Babe!

I’m so happy u’ve found your way here to my pages! I’m Heidi, a Finnish woman living in Florence, Italy. 

I have knitted ever since I remember. It’s something that my  nonna taught me when I was a little girl. I also learned from her the love for vintage style.

I’m a  fashion designer and I have also studied art history and social psychology in the University of Helsinki.

My style is a combination of vintage vibes,  Finnish design and Italian joy of life.  

I have one beautiful cat, a great sense of humour and a deep love of history and art. I’m full of ideas and always creating new things. My superpower is empathy.

FAQs about the membership

Q: What’s the idea, why would I join?

A: Knitter Babes is like a knitting magazine you subscribe to, but it’s online. As a Knitter babe member you get access to an exclusive membership page. In this page you will find all of the patterns that have been published the season. The contents in the membership area change every 3 months. spring, summer, fall and winter. Every season has it’s own collection. For every pattern you get not only written instructions, but also video instructions that will help you visually see how the work is done. You get one new beautiful pattern every week, so you’ll never run out of things to knit. You can print the patterns or you can save them in your device and have them available any time you want. You will have access to all of the page’s materials as long as you’re a member. You’ll also have access to the patterns that have been published during your membership after the season changes, so the longer you are a member the bigger your pattern library will be. So if you are a stylish, feminine and conscious knitter, then this is just what you have been looking for! beautiful patterns brought to you easily and effortlessly, with clear instructions. 


Q: How does this membership work?

A: Very easily.  Just choose the right membership type for yourself, pay it and you will immediately have the access to the exclusive membership page. The materials in the page will renew seasonally every 3 months, so you can expect to have wonderful inspirational contents delivered to you for every season. 


Q: How do the payments work?

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Q: What if I want to cancel my membership?

A: Even thought I’ll be sad to see you leave, of course you are absolutely free to cancel your membership any time. Just send me an email and I’ll send you the instructions how you can do that. No questions asked. Your membership will end to the end of the period you have paid already. 


Q: Why is there a different price to EU and non-EU residents?

A: Just due to tax reasons. As EU residents we need to pay VAT to the state (in this case Finland) for all the purchases we do. This is how we keep the society running, so let’s celebrate it instead of feeling sorry about it and bless the tax money to go to a good cause. Non-EU residents don’t need to pay VAT for purchases made from EU, so the price is already shown without tax. 

Current Collection

Every weekday I work passionately to create you wonderful, inspiration materials that will nurture your beautiful body and soul. I also love surprises, so there’s always a good chance to find something extra every now and then I have created to delight you! Here is what you will get when you enrol this minute:


Firenze Edition


First collection of 2021 brings you to Florence. It draws inspiration from the golden era of Florence and features puff sleeves and decorative surfaces of the renaissance style brought to modern feminine style. The images and texts will bring you to the streets and interiors of Florence between the lockdowns. Even though you cannot visit Florence right now, you may enjoy it, stitch by stitch.


Pictures of the patterns you’ll get when you join now:

The Search Is Now Over, Knitter Babe!

You have finally found what you have been looking for.

I have heard your secret wishes, and here you can finally find everything you ever wished for.

No more countless hours in the internet desperately searching for beautiful patterns. It’s all right here, ready for you. 

Join our inner circle now and start knitting with us!

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