You did it, Knitter Babe!


You have just enrolled to my Basics of Knitting in 3 Days Mini Course! We are going to have so much fun together!


Let’s rise a virtual glass on champagne and celebrate this together! I’m so excited and for you that you are starting this wonderful hobby with me! Cheers!


I’m also very honoured. For the next days I will hold your hand and show you how you can get started with knitting and will eventually be able to create your own beautiful clothes and accessories with your own needles. Yay!

Ready to Start?

Download one or many of these images to your device and share them in your social accounts. Let everyone know about your new amazinghobby! 

Tag @knit_with_heidi with #3dayknittingcourse and I’ll celebrate you in my stories!

What better way to let your friends and fellow Knitter Babes that you’ve joined our tribe??

What happenes next?


I’m so happy you asked!


Next please check your email. In 15 minus you will get an email with the first video. If you don’t find it (even in your junk email bin or promotions folder) please contact us at and we’ll help you.


I’m so looking forward to get started with you! I’ll see you in the first video!