Elisabetta Snood



For a very long time (years actually) I have been searching for the instructions for a perfect snood. But I've never found one, so I decided to create one myself.

I think snoods are a perfect invention! They fir beautifully to a vintage style hair-do, but also they suit to a modern hairstyle. A snood saves you from a bad hardy and it keeps your hair out of the way if needed (that's why working women used snoods a lot during the WW2). If you have not tried a snood yet, I encourage you to do so, you'll love it!

June 2020 all of my patterns were inspired by the renaissance era. Also Elisabetta draws inspiration from the women of renaissance. They also used a snood or a hairnet on their hair-dos a lot. It was often decorated with pearls.

Elisabetta is made crocheting. It's fast to do and very easy in the end, even though I did it 3 times before I got it right. I wanted to find just the right length and shape, and it took some try's and errors to get in right. But you don't have do that, you can simply follow my pattern and create this beauty in any colour that you prefer!


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