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Food Recipes

Tiramisu Foam

This lockdown time can be very challenging and it rises fears in many of us. I don’t even remember anymore how long I have been just inside, it’s been over a month already. I started the quarantine like two weeks before it became mandatory by cutting down social events and staying mostly home. During the …

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Eco Dish Cloth

Hey Gorgeous! Today I wanted to show you, that cleaning can be stylish, too! Many years ago the wife of my brother gave me a self made dish cloth. It was very pretty and I used it a lot. All of these years it has served me well, but last month I had to admit …

My Life in Italy

What Good Can Come Out of CoronaDrama

This blog was born as a result of two things. My dear Cat Taneli got sick, so I needed to figure out a way to have his vet fee covered. And I am in home quarantine like all Italy is right now. So I cannot go out without a good reason. I need to stay …

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Amelie Accessory Set

I’m so in love with this Nordic Yarn’s light pink colour Inari, that I wanted to make myself an accessory set from it. Maybe you’ve already noticed, that pink is my favourite colour, and I really wanted to create a pink accessory set for a long time. So here it is! And it was named …

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Aada Hat

If you’re looking for a casual hat to keep you very warm, you have found the one! Aada is knitted from double yarn, so it’s double as warm and sure to keep it’s shape! Aada is a unisex design that suits women, men and children. It also comes with different sizes. So you can make …

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Coco Turban Head Band

Don’t you just love the vintage vibes in this Coco turban head band!?! When I posted this picture in my social media I got a flood of positive feedback. And no wonder! It’s very stylish, easy to do and practical to use. And the good news is: now the pattern is finally available! Turbans were …

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Coco Wrap Around Knit

This is my new favourite knit! After dealing with coldness in my old home for so long, I decided I wanted to fight the Florence’s cold and humid winter with a stylish cashmere knit. So I designed this wrap around knit to keep me warm and stylish. The knit has ribbed sleeves and and it …