Joyful Christmas Calendar


Bring Joy to pre-Christmas season, to it’s each day!



Christmas Is the Time of Closeness…

This year the idea of Christmas season feels different than ever before. We may not be able to see all of our beloved ones and sit together with them in the same table. We miss the Christmases of the past and the time when life was more worry-free. The darkest of the winter sucks to your mind more easily. 

We worry not only about ourselves but also our beloved ones. The whole world is holding it’s breath and people are afraid of each other. 

The corona pandemia affects us all globally and causes very contradictory feelings. The limitations make every say life more difficult and feed even anger. 

Our children should have the right to live a proper childhood. Going to school however is very different now than what is was before. We have been separated from each other and it even affects mental health. 

Christmas is supposed to be the time of closeness. A human being os not made to live alone. It’s difficult to find Christmas spirit when the whole life seams to be online.   

We’d love to meet grandparents and grandchildren, host guests from other countries, sing Christmas carols in the church and attend the Christmas night mass. We’d love to hug each other, kiss and hold hands. We’d love to bake to school’s benefit sales and see our children perform in Christmas plays. Even Santa Claus may not be able to come to all homes. After all, he’s super old and definitely belongs to risk group. It would be so wonderful just to get back the magic of Christmas and the excitement. 

To us, Christmas is memories and hopes deeply rooted to our hearts. It brings us security and traditions. We’ve lived for a long time in anxiousness. Still the magic of Christmas easies your mind, also this year. I will spend Christmas this time for the third time in Italy, that has suffered from this pandemia deeply. Despite of all, my beloved home town will again be dressed in gold, silver, red and green. The Christmas light will bring light to our hearts.

What Will This Christmas be Like?

Many of us work hard to create the perfect Christmas and are completely nacked when Christmas Day finally comes. This Christmas the stress is even bigger. We worry for the availability about food supplies and buying Christmas presents in the middle of safety restrictions and even quarantine. We try to remember the little details that make Christmas to our families. 

In the department stores we hear speakers reminding its to keep distance and people are even avoiding eye contact. We hope that the presents will arrive in time, when the whole world is sending present through mail. We seldom have time to sit in the corner of the couch with a hot glass od mulled wine and just to listen to Christmas carols or just silence. 

The news about corona virus and the anxiousness just feel like too much, and it would be wonderful just to close it all away from consciousness. Instead we’d like to enjoy Christmas season just like before. We miss the Christmases of our childhood, when  the kitchen was full of wonderful scents and we could hear mother packed the presents behind a closed door. How to bring that spirit to this atmosphere?

We all know the feeling of Christmas stress all too well. But what if we gave it up, and instead build Christmas piece by piece every day, little by little and enjoy it instead of stressing about it? This Christmas’ message should be more than ever full of love and joy of life. 

How about if we switched this all into positivity and together make this the

Best Christmas Ever!

Just think for a while. Wouldn't it be wonderful to...

  • just forget all troubles, step into the Christmas wonderland and create every day a small piece of Christmas to yourself and your beloved ones?

  • Get a daily extra dose of joy to your life and also share joy to everyone around you?


  • Have a warm feeling in your heart every day?


  • Get ideas and instructions to easy, quick-to-do crafts, presents and Christmas decorations? 


  • Try some new delicious Christmas recipes?


  • Get ideas for the family’s baking and play moments? 


  • Have a moment for yourself and enjoy a self made candy just by yourself?


  • Close your eyes for a moment and smell the Christmas?


  • Get genuine Christmas inspiration directly from the official homeland of Santa Claus: from Finland?


  • Also to have inspiration from the Cristmas traditions from Italy and Florence and see which of them will become a part of your new Christmas traditions?


  • Feel the joy of doing, creating and giving?

I hear you, sister, and I got you covered!



Joyful Christmas Calendar



You Can Have It All, Every Day!

  • Every day a new door is opened that will give you lots of inspiration and Christmas spirit
  • Beautiful, easy-to-do and quick craft ideas in Christmas theme for you to create 
  • Christmasy recipes: classics and new favourites 
  • Ideas and instructions to Cristmas decorations  
  • Wonderful Christmas stories, that will take you and your family to the Christmas wonderland 
  • Last minute gift ideas

Joyful Christmas Calendar

All of this awaits for you, every day
from the beginning of December to Christmas Day:

Beautiful, easy-to-do Christmas craft ideas for gifts and for decorating your home to a joyful, feminine Christmas style in vintage spirit.

Christmas cooking and baking recipes! In addition to trditions you’ll get new flavours to you Cristmas table and beautiful setting and decoration instructions. 

Christmas is a celebration to the whole family. We take into consideration all family members, also the hairy ones. 

Warmspirited writings and stories about Christmas traditions and phenomenoms that cretata Cristmas spirit. 

Mistress of Christmas Spirit

Every instruction of the Joyful Christmas calendar is made for you, who wants to take a moment for yourself and enjoy the work you do with your own hands. You are the Mistress of Christmas sSpirit and you can try all the wonderful ideas!

Christmas is not done holding your breath and looking at the watch.  You can do whatever your heart desires. 

The Joyful Christmas Calendar gives you options. Some days you maybe want to grab your needles, another days your rolling pin. 

Homework and preparing for the Christmas can also be enjoyable. It’s wonderful to do things with your own hands in a world that’s full of computers, bit space, and nothing concrete is is left to you. 

You also have the right to calm down and feel the Christmas spirit. There are many ideas in the Joyful Christmas Calendar for you to do, but you may also want to give some of it for other members of your family to do. And behind the doors you’ll find something common to do for the whole family. 

Tinkering is fun and the whole family can enjoy it!


We Create the Joyful Christmas Calendar to You:

Heidi Niemi

Hey there Knitter Babe!

I’m so happy that you’ve found your way here to my pages! I’m Heidi, a Finnish woman living in Florence, Italy. 

I have knitted ever since I remember. It’s something that my  nonna taught me when I was a little girl. I also learned from her the love for vintage style.

I’m a  fashion designer and I have also studied art history and social psychology in the University of Helsinki.

My style is a combination of vintage vibes,  Finnish design and Italian joy of life.  

I have one beautiful cat, a great sense of humour and a deep love of history and art. I’m full of ideas and always creating new things. My superpower is empathy.

To this Joyful Christmas calendar is do the visual design and craft instructions. 

Päivi Storgård


My name is Päivi and I’m a journalist and a writer. At the moment I live in Florence and I co-operate with my dear friend Heidi. 

I have a long background as a radio, tv and magazine reporter. I’ve worked in the Finnish TV as a news anchor and a host in different programs. I’ve written to different women’ magazines and I’ve published two books. 

I have 3 adult children and a cat, who thinks that it’s a dog, it even fetches a ball…

I love history, swimming, classical music and ABBA. Without it Christmas cleaning would not happen!

To the Joyful Christmas Calendar I write small warm spirited stories, that I create to make your Christmas season more magical. I also share with you my secret Christmas recipes from my recipe book. 

FAQs about the calendar

Q: How will the Joyful Christmas calendar’s contents be delivered to me?  

A: The Christmas calendar material is delivered to you virtually. After you buy the calendar you will be added to a closed Christmas calendar page, that’s here in my blog. Beginning the first day of December, a new door is opened every day until the Christmas Day. The instructions in the calendar are mostly in PDF form so you can download them and save them.

Q: How can I buy the Joyful Christmas calendar?

A: In the end of this page you can see the buy button. Click that and the product will open to you. Add it to cart, click yourself to the cart and proceed to checkout. Remember to create yourself an account in the checkout. You’ll get the receipt to your email and you will be manually added to the calendar page on the same day. 

Q: How can I pay?

A: You can pay with a card, debit or credit. The payment service provider is Stripe, which is secure and internationally trusted. The payment happens n a secure connection. It’s completely safe and easy.

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Ei enää ahdistusta maailmantilanteesta, vaan ihana pakomatka joulumieleen, jonne pääset joka päivä.  

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