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See the First 3 Designs of Firenze Edition Knitwear Collection

The first pieces fo Firenze Edition knitwear collection have been published to the Knitter Babes membership page.

This first part of Firenze Edition Knitwear Collection is named after the Medici family. But instead of bringing up the men, I’ve wanted to present you some of the women in the Medici family. 

Medici knitwear outfit consists of 3 pieces: Caterina pullover, Maria beanie and Anna Maria Luisa gloves. The renaissance fashion shows in the puff sleeve shapes, the decorative renaissance cable knit that can be seen in all pieces of this set, and in the color, which is of course black. 

Caterina pullover brings the renaissance fashion alive with it’s voluminous puff sleeves. The cuffs are fitted, forming a contest to the volume of the upper sleeve and making it fold beautifully over it. The hemline, square neckline and sleeve cuffs repeat the same renaissance cable knit pattern.

Maria beanie repeats the same beautiful renaissance cable pattern as the other pieces in the Medici collection. 

Anna Maria Luisa gloves repeat the same renaissance cable pattern as the other pieces of the Medici outfit. It has a fitted thumb, and they work well as extensions of the sleeves. You can wear them like that or wear them over another pair of gloves for some extra warmth.

The patterns are published in the Knitter Babes' membership page. If you're already a member, just log in, click yourself to the page and download the patterns.

The designs are also available as knit kits. With knit kits you get all you need to create these designs by your own hands. See all knit kits here.

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