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NEW: DIY Knit Kits – Everything You Need to Knit

March brings a wonderful and much requested novelty to my blog: DIY Knit Kits! Knit Kits contain everything you need to create my designs into reality.

I have designed the Knit Kits to help you in your knitting hobby. When you're super excited to start a new project, you want to have everything you need for that project to be by your hand right away. You don't want to notice that those number 6 circular needles are already in use in another project. And you don't want to feel insecure wether the yarn you use is a perfect fit to the pattern. This is where knit kits are the perfect solution.

With DIY Knit Kits you will get all of this:

🧶 Digital knitting pattern
🧶 Yarn (you may choose the color from pre selected collection)
🧶 Needles needed for the project
🧶 Knit with Heidi leather logo tag that you can attach to the garment once it's ready
🧶 Darning needle to weave in the ends
🧶 Everything beautifully packed in a stylish mailing bag
🧶 Free international shipping

The knit kits always include the same yarn quality that I have used in the samples. This means that I have tested the quality and can recommend it. I only sell yearn and product that I have tested myself first. You don't need to second guess with the yarn qualities, I'll do that for you.

The knit kits are now available in the shop as a per order products. The first knit kit that I offer are from Firenze Edition collection, and more will be added on a daily bases.

When you place a pre order now, you will enjoy a generous -20 % discount from all knit kits. The discount is already calculated in the prices.

See the growing collection and place your discounted pre order here:

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