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Giulia Beanie

Hey there Knitter Babe!

I'm so happy to present to you our Knitter Babes' August's first membership design, Giulia beanie!

Giulia is a fun and girly cashmere beanie, that features a sexy red lips pattern.

Giulia is made fo Palmafibre's 100% cashmere, and the lips decoration is done as double knitting using Borgo de'Pazzi's Hannah tercel yarn. Cashmere is a wonderful material to hats as it's so soft and does not itch at all the sensitive skin on the face. Tencel is an ecological fibre made of eucalyptus tree. It has a very nice shiny surface that looks cool and gives a good contrast to the soft cashmere base.

The pattern for this beanie has been published in the members area, so if you're already a member, just login, go to the page and download it to your device. If you're not a member yet, please join here:

Also I have more news to you Knitter Babes!

This month I'm starting to renew the contents of the membership program. Just like before, as a member you will still get four new patterns delivered one per week, but now I will also attach videos with the patterns so that it'll be easier for you to adapt new knitting techniques. First videos will come this August and in the future all patterns will come with related videos. How cool is that?

Another renovation regarding the membership regards the past months materials. In the future if you are a member, you will get access to all materials that have been published when you have been a member. If you unsubscribe at some point, you will still have access to the materials that have been published during the months that you were a member.

Past months patterns will be made available also to non-members. They will be sold in the web shop as pattern packages including all 4 patterns of that month plus the tutorial videos. Members get the new patterns first. The patterns will be added to the web shop available to non-members next month from publishing. As a member you get a discount from past month's pattern packages if you want to buy something that was published before you were a member.

You can read more about the membership and join here:

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