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Daniela Top

June is a Top Month, and so I'm spoiling you Knitter Babes with four new top designs!

Tops are perfect to knit in the summertime. You can wear them on hot summer days and looks sexy, but you can also wear them on the colder seasons under an blazer or a cardigan and still look very cool.

So this month in Knitter Babes I have designed four different tops which you can work with. I've already published one top design this month, the Tia camisole and now I've published the pattern for Daniela top.

Daniela is a bit more advanced level knitter's top. It features a beautiful cable knit motif in the front and 1x1 ribbings on the edges.

Daniela is a stylish choice for summer heat, but it's also perfect to be worn under a blazer or a cardigan when it get's cooler. Pair it with your favourite pants, jeans or skirt and you're good to go!

I knitted this top from Nordic Yarn's eco cashmere in color Kiruna. I recommend this yarn art it's amazingly soft, luxurious and breathable. And it's 50 % recycled so it's also an environmental choice.

This top is now published in Knitter babes membership page, so if you're a member then just login, click yourself to the membership page, download the pattern and start knitting!

And that's not all for this month: I have two new top designs coming! So if you're not a member yet, join our Knitter Babes membership now and you'll be the first to receive them. Plus you'll also get Daniela pattern and all the pattern I've published before. Click here and become a Knitter Babe:

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