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Simonetta Sweater

Due to ohh no many requests I've received over the last weeks, I opened the enrolment again to Live in Luxury with Heidi membership. And as we have just turned to June, I've published a beautiful new members only -pattern.

June's members-only main pattern is Simonetta sweater.

Simonetta sweater is inspired by Simonetta Vespucci, the wife of Marco Vespucci, who was known for her beauty. She was the model of Sandro Botticelli e.g. in his Nascita di Venere and Primavera masterpieces. It’s also said that Simonetta had a passionate love relationship with Lorenzo de’ Medici’s brother, Giuliano. Simonetta died in early age, only 23, but her beauty lives in Botticelli’s art and all tourist shops here in Florence. And now also in this sweater that does honour to the new renaissance we live here in Florence right now. 

The Simonetta sweater features beautiful puff sleeves. The sweater is inspired by renaissance style, and puff sleeves were a must in the fashion back then. In this sweater the sleeves are updated to 2020’s, but the design carries the feminine glamour from the past. I have also used a couple of tricks in the design. The body is slightly more narrow so that the sleeves don't make you look too wide from the top. So it's OK to have wide shoulders with these puff sleeves. I do, too. Also I added marks to the top sleeves so that folding the foldings symmetrically will be easy to do for you. After all, good design is known for the little details that you might not notice but they're there to make it better.

This pattern is available to Live in Luxury with Heidi knitting members. As a member you get access to our exclusive members only area where you will find new patterns, knitting and crochet tutorials, recipes for cooking and a new meditation every month. The materials will be published along the month. This pattern is already published in the private membership page, please read more and enroll here:

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