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Hey there knitter babe! I've just started a new YouTube video series about yarns and fibres. Back in fashion school I loved to study about different fibres and materials. It's an essential part of your knitting project to choose the right kind of yarns to work with. In modern days the options are countless, so I want to represent to you my recommendations.

When I choose the yarn for my projects, I take into consideration that the fibre is suitable for that particular use, and that the yarn represent the same values that I do.

In this video series I want to tell about different fibres, what they are like and what they can be used for. I started with cashmere because to me it's the most luxurious and beautiful fibre that I know.

Cashmere is a beautiful fibre you can use for countless projects:
- sweaters
- cardigans
- tops
- hats
- gloves
- scarfs
- etc.
You name it. Just remember that it's very soft and delicate, so please don't use it for socks. To create wonderful socks I will give you a recommendation in one of my upcoming videos.

Here in my blog you can find many many options for this Nordic Yarn eco cashmere yarn that I represent to you in this video. Just clicl yourself to the shop and choose your favourite and you'll be knitting before you know it.

Now I'd love to hear about your thoughts. Are you a raving cashmere fan a s well? What is your favourite yarn or fibre you love to work with? Do you find it easy or difficult to choose the right yarn for your projects? Let me know in comments!

With love,

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