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Would You Like to Learn How to Knit?

Are you a beginner in the knitting world? You see all the beautiful design, but you don't know how to create them? The pattern language is like Hebrew to you and you'd also need some instructions on the basic knitting techniques? And would you still love to be one day abrogations to creat things like these:

I hear you, even the best knitter were once in the exact same position. Knitting gis a wonderful hobby and I'd love to help you get started with it!

I was thinking of offering something also for those who want to learn how to knit, from the beginning. This social distancing is such a good time to learn new skills and knitting is really a wonderful hobby. 

So my idea is to create a web course that will teach the very basic of knitting. The techniques, how to choose equipment, how to read patterns etc. And how to create one of my beautiful designs.

I’m also eager to hear ideas of what would this course ideally include to you? What would you like to learn and what are your hopes and wishes?

If you would be interested in learning to knit with me, send me a message through the chat window or an email Heidi at and I’ll contact you for more info!

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